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We are a customized sports memorabilia company founded on the principals of trust, integrity, and dedication to the belief that every athlete deserves a living tribute to their greatest triumph!
We specialize in connecting athletes to their victory, by creating memorabilia that captures that exact moment in time when the athlete made that unforgettable play.  We incorporate the athlete’s hand that held the ball, the foot that kicked the ball, the hand that held the racquet to recreate the exact victory in the play.  This rare and personal memorabilia highlights the athlete’s accomplishment, personal experience, and international triumph with intricate and artistic detail.  Every sculpture is given the greatest attention to create a timeless work of art.  Athletes deserve more than just an autographed ball, bat, or club to honor their success. Their fans, friends and family deserve more.  They are the ones who shared that moment with the athlete then and they deserve to share it now and forever.
Our company is built upon trust, integrity, and dedication to the belief that every athlete deserves a living tribute to their greatest triumph without the fear that their memorabilia will fall prey to the counterfeit industry.
For the first time, athletes are able to capture their own piece of history with the assurance that it will not become a memorabilia casualty.  A Trace of Grace provides the opportunity for athletes to customize their very own limited edition while finally freeing them from the sting of seeing their name on counterfeit items once and for all.  Our patent pending process ensures that each piece is identifiable only to that athlete! Our customized memorabilia is authenticated and protected from fraud.
We are dedicated to keeping an athlete’s triumph alive, as they did in the game. These timeless pieces are a permanent tribute that athletes can share with family and friends and avid fans. We look forward to serving the sports industry and bringing back the trust in memorabilia!
Best regards,
Grace Tang, co-owner
A Trace of Grace®

A Trace of Grace

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