Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at A Trace of Grace™ is to capture the moment and ignite the imagination by offering the “total experience” to preserve an athlete’s greatest achievement. We create one- of- a- kind sculptures that exemplify the magnificence of their most outstanding play. We believes everyone leaves a trace of grace behind. We capture it and keep the moment ALIVE!

We promise

  • To Capture an athlete’s greatest moments
  • To give the experience and have fans feel the game
  • To give value and peace of mind
  • To always keep the moment alive

Our Vision:

The vision of A Trace of Grace™ is to create memorabilia that captures what sports is really about…The Athlete.  A Trace of Grace™ understands the significance of athletic accomplishment and we take pride in commemorating an athlete’s triumph.  We are devoted to interpreting the exhilaration of the athlete, as they deliver the experience of the game and the power of the moment.

The A Trace of Grace™ will accomplish this by:

1. Offering a unique opportunity to experience a defining “Sports Moment.”

  • Illustrating that sports memorabilia is more than an object…it’s the play. It’s the conquest. It’s reliving the journey.
  • Using the athlete’s hands and feet to craft a masterful and vividly detailed sculpture.
  • Making a positive impact in the world through the creation of memorabilia that symbolizes the significance of an athlete’s lifetime achievement and contribution to others through years of hard work, dedication and training.
  • Shaping a personal imprint in history that is unique only to the athlete.
  • Offering the athlete a distinguished way to inspire others by sharing their gifts and life experiences.
  • Creating a legacy.
  • Providing the athlete a powerful way to express what they want to share with the world.
  • Designing memorabilia that gives the athlete a connection to their victory.

2. Giving the fans the ultimate game experience:

  • Transporting the fans back into the moment, to feel the energy, intensity, and emotion of the athlete as they made that amazing play.
  • Allowing fans an opportunity to become part of the memorabilia by sculpting their own hands with their favorite athlete’s.
  • Providing fans with the first of its kind Anti-fraud memorabilia
  • Traversing the traditional in sports memorabilia, by giving the fans what they really want… a part of the game.

3. Delighting loyal collectors:

  • Providing a time-honored masterpiece guaranteed to be cherished and adored.
  • A sensational treasure to complement any valued sports collection.
  • Giving a true sport collector a chance to obtain memorabilia that is, the only one of its existence.
  • Fulfilling their yearning for a “life like’ game experience of their childhood heroes and icons
  • A priceless heirloom that will never be parted with


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