In the world of collecting, we keep talking about the monetary value of collectibles, particularly in sports memorabilia. Then we rue the very fact that we talk about it so much. The sensible center in this collectible world dilemma meets right here. Every collector wants to maintain his or her collection in the best possible condition. A collection is more impressive when it’s properly tended to—and it’s also worth more in dollars.

1979 Toronto Blue Jays yearbook

For your memorabilia out on display, be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. Memorabilia aren’t houseplants—they don’t need light and water. In a very short period of time, the sun can destroy anything from a card to an autograph. Window films are available to filter the sun’s damaging rays. If you can’t keep Mother Nature at bay any other way, look into these films. You’ll be glad you did.

The sun isn’t the only memorabilia destroyer. There’s old-fashioned dust to do battle with. When dust gets into hats and jerseys, for instance, there’s no amount of dust busting that can do away with it without doing away with the piece being dusted. Let a display case bear the brunt of the dust mites.

If you have anything in your collection that means something to you, it is wise to encase it somehow, and to display it. What’s the point of having an impressive item or collection tucked away in a box in the basement? If you want to showcase your ticket stubs, you can find frames designed specifically for this purpose. There are cases made specifically for basketballs, for footballs, and for hockey pucks. And there are displays designed with the sports jersey in mind—even ones that hats and caps fit comfortably into.

Look through the hobby newspapers and magazines for dealers in these displays and frames. There are plenty of them. Attend shows and you’ll find display merchandise for sale. Surf the Internet. Check out for a variety of display cases for sale.

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