Custom Sports Memorabilia

Custom Sports Memorabilia

Ways to protect your self by creating custom sports memorabilia

Taking the ball to victoryAs an elite athlete, you leave it all out on the court, field or rink. You’ve worked hard and have given years worth of blood, sweat and tears to become the best in your sport. Yet think about your greatest moments, those memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. How will you remember them? A jersey or a ball can fade with time.

At A Trace of Grace we offer something better, something truly unique: a cast of your hand holding a ball or a glove or a stick or even wearing a championship ring. It’s up to you. Your memories in your hands.

Now think about your fans. Think about all of those autographs on online auction websites–did you really sign them all? Your fans think you did–and yet recent studies indicate that a majority of those autographs may be fakes. Make your fans happy by offering them something unique–something better–with A Trace of Grace cast molding.

Custom Football Memorabilia

Each Trace of Grace collectible cast molding is truly unique. The process is simple: you’ll work with one of our agents as we make a cast of your hand or arm in just a few minutes. In fact, the process is so easy that you may want to make multiple casts during our session. These truly unique collectibles can’t be faked or replicated. Your fans are getting a unique piece of memorabilia they’ll cherish forever.


Join A Trace of Grace as we create a custom sports memorabilia revolution. Immortalize your career and your legacy with a unique collectible that celebrates your career and offers your fans the latest in sports collectibles.

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