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 Retired Athletes and Coaches

I don’t know how you got on this page, but I’m so glad you did. I understand it’s been a challenge for you these past days , months or even years to except the transition from hearing the cheers to being told  ” I remember when you played. Didn’t you used to be..?”

I know the negatives can be difficult to handle. I understand that you are trying to find meaningful ways to spend the next several decades of your life, search to find a way to channel your energy and your competitive spirit.

Everybody around you wants to go on a business venture with you.People with nutritional products keep telling you , you have got to see this?

Every where you turn , everyone has something.Their expectation of you that you may or may not even have the money to invest.Even if you did take them up on their offer it still didn’t compare to the game in which you lived and breathed. Where do you get a break.

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