Hand Casting

Seize a moment in time with hand casting

What is hand casting?

Is a 3D foot and hand molding process–also known as 3D hand prints and foot prints–only takes about 3 minutes at the most and works by dipping the entire hand or foot into an all-natural and completely safe room-temperature gel until solidified to a rubbery state.

It has been used to preserve an exact replica of your child’s hands or feet of any age. Giving parents a lasting and priceless reminder of those early years. A keepsake that would last forever.

Check out this video of the hand casting process

You can also cast your precious little one’s feet.

Remember how small they are . . . Forever 

You touch them, kiss them, and watch them grow. It happens all too quickly…. One minute you hold them in your arms and the next you can only hold them in your heart. Hand casting will forever remind you of how small your child was, forever.

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