Little Players

It all began with wanting to seize a moment in time.  We wanted to preserve a child’s first home run. As he looked at the ball as his bat slammed it across the baseball field, then holding that very same ball with those little hands. As he envisioned his very first goal, using the very first skill that was taught to him by his coach.

That moment would permanently be imprinted in his mind and in the minds of his parents proudly looking on as it occurred.  We thought about how we could continue to relive that moment and share it with the world for years to come.  We thought we would mold the little hand with the ball to show who took that ball to victory.

When we returned the trophy, we noticed something different.  The ball was the most impersonal object.  Making the goal was more than just a victory…It was about the connection that they had with that amazing play.  Looking at the trophy, he could still hear the roar of the fans.  He could see the pride shown on his parent’s faces.

This was their child’s hand!

It wasn’t a metal baseball player holding a bat that everyone on the team received; it was their child’s hand!

The one who took that ball to victory!

First Home run

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