The First Anti-Fraud Memorabilia

 Announcing the Launch of

The First Anti-Fraud Memorabilia

Never have to question if it’s authentic, WHY?

Because you helped create it.   And the best part, It can NOT be duplicated.

George Arias creating his own memorabilia

Allowing you to keep track of your memorabilia and receiving the royalties

that sometimes go under the radar due to fraudulent items.

A Trace of Grace believes that the ball or object didn’t make that touch down, home run, basket etc…it was you. The object only symbolizes the sport you excelled in.

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A Trace of Grace understands that it took years of hard work and dedication to excel in your sport.

What you have achieved leaves fans wanting and aspiring to be you.

When they yell out your name and cheer  you can’t help but feel some sense of accomplishment. Let’s face it without them, your life would be meaningless. So, let’s give these loyal fans what they deserve, a piece of you. The real you, something they will never doubt or question.

No other company does memorabilia the way we do,

and they are still trying to find ways to protect you.

You’ve heard of them:

  • Authenticity & Fraud Prevention

  • Holograms

  • 5 Step Patented Process

  • PenCam Technology

We have solved this problem

A Trace of Grace is a new and unique way of taking the place of a trophy; a more personal way to capture a memory of your season.

                    A new revolution with this memorabilia will create a hype for all of your adoring fans.

  100 Professional Athletes and Coaches have already joined us.

Join us as we begin this new Revolution in the memorabilia industry.



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