Kevin Young

” For many years I have provided collectible track memorabilia to adoring fans from around the world. To many, these items are both rare and personal. This memorabilia represents a moment in time, which brings collector or fan and athlete together in a state of real appreciation. I have signed my share of singlets, running spikes, sneakers, and autographed picture cards. But I have never felt more connected to any single piece of memorabilia like the productions fromĀ  “A Trace Of Grace”. Over the years I have researched all kinds of memorabilia in sports. But by far these statuettes either exceed and /or compliment, any collectors prized pieces. I am glad to be celebrated in a way , which symbolizes my accomplishments as a sportsman, Olympian, and blessed individual. I look forward to seeing many more sportsman and women become a part of ” A Trace of Grace” collection.

Kevin Young

1992 Olympic Gold Medalist

Current World Record Holder

400-meter Hurdles (46.78 sec)

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