Latanya Sheffield

 La Tanya Sheffield

“It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, however a statuette from A Trace of Grace left me speechless! Every Olympian dream is to capture a piece of history unique only to him or her for the world to see. This rare personal sports sculpture memorabilia with all the intricate and artistic detail illuminates the Olympic accomplishment, personal experience and international triumph. Thank you A Trace of Grace for celebrating the Olympic History!”

  LaTanya Sheffield   La Tanya Sheffield

 1988 Olympic Finalist

 400-meter Hurdles



Kevin Young

“For many years I have provided collectible track memorabilia to adoring fans from around the world. To many, these items are both rare and personal. This memorabilia represents a moment in time, which brings collector or fan and athlete together in a state of real appreciation. I have signed my share of singlets, running spikes, sneakers, and autographed picture cards. But I have never felt more connected to any single piece of memorabilia like the productions from “A Trace of Grace”. Over the years I have researched all kinds of memorabilia in sports. But by far these statuettes either exceed and /or compliment, any collectors prized pieces. I am glad to be celebrated in a way, which symbolizes my accomplishments as a sportsman, Olympian, and blessed individual. I look forward to seeing many more sportsman and women become a part of “A Trace of Grace” collection.

Kevin Young Track and Field Memorabilia

World Record Holder

400 hurdles 46.78




Andy Lopez

I had the pleasure of working with Grace Tang and her work with Sport Sculpture this fall for an award I was to receive. The experience was a quick and easy one lasting a total of 30 minutes. The Hand Sculpture was used at the award presentation and was given to me, while the second one was raffled off for fund raising. It was a tremendous success and I have mine in my home and have found it to be a great gift. I would think that this type of Sport Sculpture would be a great tool to award other coaches and very useful in not only athletics but throughout the general public.

Andy LopezAndy Lopez

Head Baseball Coach

University of Arizona


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